Travel Gallery

On the Road

A picture can be worth more than any amount of words. One of ‘Uncle’ Dave’s hobbies is photography. A big part of the Auburn Across America project is recording the adventure and the people and stories that are part of the  journey. 

The Adventure

It is an adventure to be shared and an experience to make learning more exciting. Dave and Monika Yancey are driving this historical car to all 34 Auburn-named cities in the United States for an educational journal of living history, sharing the adventure in the culmination of a book “Auburn Across America” as well as a journal of the adventure as it unfolds in 2022. This bold endeavor is designed to inspire each viewer as well as teach geography, local and national history and the social sciences of real life in the classrooms of our great nation – To go beyond what is taught in textbooks. Join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

The Photographer

The photos in the various galleries are taken by Dave Yancey. To Dave, every photo should tell a story of compassion, family, excitement and love for our wonderous nation and nature.

The Journey

  • Auburn, Alabama
  • Auburn, California
  • Auburn, Colorado
  • Auburn, Delaware
  • Auburn, Florida
  • Auburn, Georgia
  • Auburn, Illinois
  • Auburn, Indiana
  • Auburn, Iowa
  • Auburn, Kansas
  • Auburn, Kentucky
  • Auburn, Maine
  • Auburn, Massachusetts
  • Auburn, Michigan
  • Auburn, Mississippi
  • Auburn, Missouri
  • Auburn, Nebraska
  • Auburn, New Hampshire

  • Auburn, New Jersey

  • Auburn, New York

  • Auburn, North Carolina

  • Auburn, North Dakota

  • Auburn, Ohio

  • Auburn, Oregon

  • Auburn, Pennsylvania

  • Auburn, Rhode Island

  • Auburn, South Carolina

  • Auburn, Tennessee

  • Auburn, Texas

  • Auburn, Virginia

  • Auburn, Washington

  • Auburn, West Virginia

  • Auburn, Wisconsin

  • Auburn, Wyoming